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  • TH!P 1:50 am on 2013-12-04 Permalink | Reply  

    I admit, I really forgot about this blog. But I see that people still check it out, which is very nice to know. It will remain here as an archive and I hope that people can still derive use of it!

    I haven’t listened much to Hello! Project since around the time Junjun and Linlin ‘graduated’ from Morning Musume. But I do check up and see how it’s doing!

  • TH!P 1:20 pm on 2011-04-01 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Hello! Pro Egg, Jang Dayon   

    Jang Dayon Status Update 

    Hello! Project Korea Auditions winner is now a Hello! Project Egg, she deliverd a greeting message in really good English! It’s listed as her special skill.

    • Seri 2:47 am on 2011-04-10 Permalink | Reply

      It’s about time H!P realized all of their acts were talentless, and decided to visit Korea which is FULL of talent. Not just little girls with squeaky voices for pedophiles like Japan. The girl is the start of H!P FINALLY finding someone worth watching/listening.
      Korean girls are also much more naturally pretty than Japanese.

      • vampirehunterd 1:55 am on 2011-04-17 Permalink | Reply

        Her English is very good but still enough of an accent to be cute. I hate when Asian girls completely get rid of their accent.

      • marshiekun 6:44 pm on 2011-05-23 Permalink | Reply

        Don’t be such a self-righteous, racist prick. It’s rather unbecoming.

        I agree. Korea is full of talented people – but so is the rest of the world. Japanese people, included. There are “pedophiles” in Korea, too, in case if you hadn’t realized that (Yes, there are 40 – 50 year old guys lusting after teenage girls! Hard to believe, isn’t it? Note: Sarcasm) and you DO realize that 1 in every 10 adults in Korea get plastic surgery, right? So when it comes down to being “natural”, I’d definitely say Japanese are much more “naturally” pretty than Koreans in terms of plastic surgery. Besides, beauty is the eye’s beholder, so don’t state it like it’s a fact because it’s NOT.

        If you don’t like Hello!Project, then don’t listen to them! Stick to your Girls’ Generation stuff or whatever.

        • Seri 8:50 pm on 2011-05-23 Permalink

          Yes, I DO realize what you’re trying to “teach” me. Japan is number one in plastic surgery in the world, though. In case you didn’t know. (obviously you didn’t)
          Japan gets MORE plastic surgery than Korea. I’ve NEVER seen a nearly attractive natural Japanese girl in my life. ESPECIALLY when they scrape off their makeup. On the other hand, I’ve seen MANY naturally pretty Korean girls. You’re welcome for the info!

      • Mari 3:24 am on 2011-07-24 Permalink | Reply

        Um, acutally, about your other comment (which I apparently can’t reply to…), the United States is leading country for plastic surgery in the world…just figured I’d save you from further sounding like an ass…
        although you’ve done a pretty good job of it so far…
        And while you were right that Japan is ahead of S.Korea when it comes to the number of plastic surgeries performed, it’s only by about 100,000, and the number of people per capita that are getting plastic surgeries in S.Korea is greater than the number of people per capita in Japan that get plastic surgery.
        And, just out of curiousity, if you hate H!P so much…why are you here?
        It doesn’t really make much sense, imo…
        go to a Kpop site…duh…
        Also, the way that you talk, it makes it sound like you’re saying that there aren’t ANY talented Japanese people, and that Koreans just have all of the talent forever…
        And while I totally think that Kpop is awesome, I find you boner for Koreans to be…disturbing…
        And your hatred for the Japanese to be equally disturbing…
        And “for pedophiles like Japan”…?
        Japan is not a person, Japan is a country, duh…
        And not all Japanese PEOPLE are pedophiles…that’s an extremely ignorant thing to say…
        Honestly, I can’t tell if you’re trolling or just extremely misguided…and ignorant…

        • aubrieana 5:51 am on 2012-04-26 Permalink

          you mari are dead on this seri idiot is retarded. i mean seriously, i listen to jpop and kpop i’m not 2 faced but seriously??? seri is a retard and for your information seri,hello! project does not have anything that goes to pedophiles. They may have male fans but that doesn’t mean women don’t also partake in h!p lives. its not all sickos and crap. the fans are pure and wholehearted thy dont go around telling girls like *cough cough* buono for instance that they are ugly and should die. And if you truly look you see that all of the h!p girls look like they did when they were trainees and auditioning. they just changed hair style and color. seri you need to learn to have respect for music. just because it isnt kpop does not mean it cannot be good. every country has talent in there own right and they all have successes. don;t be an arrogant prick whos blinded because you feel the need to do so. and as for you mari, thank you for saying something. wotas are asses and need to be told off to make them olearn to not be an jack ass anymore. you are now my new best friend lol :) mari you rock! seri go stick it where the sun don’t shine

      • Ren 5:51 am on 2012-06-16 Permalink | Reply

        You said “It’s about time H!P realized all of their acts were talentless” FOR YOU maybe they are but for others they weren’t talentless like you think You know not only KOREAN people were TALENTED or FULL of talent like you think again and who knows if JAPANESE are less naturally pretty cause you can’t exactly count on how many Japanese and korean people does plastic surgeries and I can say that JAPANESE people have NATURAL beauty I’m like watching J-pop for years

      • Mozenator 9:11 am on 2012-07-24 Permalink | Reply

        racist much?

    • fungies22 7:42 am on 2011-04-23 Permalink | Reply

      I just realized the gaijins, JunJun, Linlin & Jang, were/are the few H!P members with good english speaking skills.

    • scribe 1:35 pm on 2011-06-12 Permalink | Reply

      Heh… watch out people, wind up merchant hanging around here.

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    • Vladimir 1:41 pm on 2013-09-15 Permalink | Reply

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  • TH!P 9:46 pm on 2011-03-30 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Matsuura Aya   

    Matsuura Aya Digital Single – Futari Osaka 

    Matsuura Aya has released a digital single today, titled “Futari Osaka,” it’s available internationally through iTunes. It’s 79p in the UK, I’m guessing 99c in the US. It’s pretty standard ‘mature Matsuura.’

  • TH!P 9:44 pm on 2011-03-30 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Sorry   

    Sorry about the lack of updates here, I’ve been really busy with final year stuff, but I’ll try to make new posts, starting now!

  • TH!P 3:20 pm on 2011-02-02 Permalink | Reply  

    Morning Musume – 45th Single (2011-03-23) 

    Morning Musume will release their 45th single on March 23rd 2011. The single is titled Maji desu ka suka! It will be released in a whopping five editions, four limited and one regular editions. This will presumably be the first single for the ninth generation!

    • jaydesummers 7:48 pm on 2011-02-03 Permalink | Reply

      Do Ska Seriously! I think we’re gonna get something like Koko ni Iruzee, one of my favourite MoMusu songs ever. :D

    • Carmen 2:28 am on 2011-03-13 Permalink | Reply

      Hello there! I was wondering if you would like to do a link exchange with Eternity? (click my name)

  • TH!P 2:20 pm on 2011-02-01 Permalink | Reply  

    Poll: Who’s your favourite Morning Musume leader? 

    Goo Ranking recently conducted a poll asking voters, who has been your favourite Morning Musume leader throughout the years? The results were as follows;

    1. Nakazawa Yuko (63,688 Votes)
    2. Yaguchi Mari (4,332 V0tes)
    3. Iida Kaori (3,944 Votes)
    4. Yoshizawa Hitomi (3,198 Votes)
    5. Takahashi Ai (1,582 Votes)
    6. Fujimoto Miki (1,096 Votes)

    The gap between Nakazawa and the others is enormous! So, who’s your favourite?

    • Alita 1:15 am on 2011-02-07 Permalink | Reply

      Wait… people actually voted (and are voting) for Miki!? She wasn’t leader. She got herself (prolly on purpose, 3 nights staying with a guy and you really think you won’t get caught) caught 2 weeks after Yossi graduated.

      • vampirehunterd 5:49 pm on 2011-04-06 Permalink | Reply

        I agree. Miki and Mari shouldn’t even be on this poll. I love them both to death, but good leaders? No way.

        • Anataboshi 1:02 am on 2012-01-06 Permalink

          It’s “Favourite Leader” not “Best Leader”. They were both leader, even for a short time, and it asks who you like the most.

  • TH!P 6:18 pm on 2011-01-31 Permalink | Reply  

    Dream Morning Musume 

    I’m a little late reporting about this, I’ve been very busy with university things as of late – apologies!

    Former Morning Musume members, previously known as Morning Musume OG have formed an official group called Dream Morning Musume and will be releasing an album later this year – April 20th 2011!

    The only former members not to become members of this group are;

    Fukuda Asuka (Left Agency in 1999)
    Ishiguro Aya (Left Agency in 2000)

    Ichii Sayaka (Left Hello! Project in 2000)
    Kago Ai (Was dropped by Agency in 2007)
    Goto Maki (Left Agency in 2007)
    Tsuji Nozomi (Other Commitments)
    Konno Asami (Other Commitments)

    Everyone else is involved, I’m particularly looking forward to hearing Miki again~~!

    Their album Dreams 1 will be released on April 20th! It has 20 tracks over 2 discs and the tracklisting as is follows;

    01 Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari (Dream Morning Musume。 Ver)
    02 Morning Coffee (2011 Ver)
    03 Rouman 〜My Dear Boy〜
    04 Mikan
    05 Aozora ga Itsumademo Tsuzuku You na Mirai de Are!
    06 Ame no Furanai Hoshi de wa Aisenai Darou?
    07 SEXY BOY ~Soyokaze ni Yorisotte~
    08 Afternoon Coffee (Afternoon Musume。)
    09 New Song
    10 New Song

    01 Summer Night Town
    02 Daite HOLD ON ME!
    03 Memory Seishun no Hikari
    04 LOVE Machine
    05 Koi no Dance Site
    06 Happy Summer Wedding
    07 I WISH
    08 Renai Revolution 21
    09 The☆Peace!
    10 Sou da! WE’RE ALIVE

    • jeffycue 6:27 am on 2011-02-01 Permalink | Reply

      Sayaka Ichii also left the agency

      i cant wait to hear their album… but i wish they do more of the current songs especially from the longest line up.

    • Adam 2:11 pm on 2011-02-01 Permalink | Reply

      ^ Oooh thanks forgot about her :P

    • Musufan 4:26 pm on 2011-02-11 Permalink | Reply

      I really hope this can be more than just a one time thing, because is seems like the people who left morning musume just left so they could move on with their lives. What I mean is that the fact that they aren’t allowed to date while in momusu doesn’t really allow you to meet anyone and eventually get married and start a family, but the fact that they are all in dorimusu means that they will be able to lead somewhat normal lives while being singers. It’s kind of like the best of both worlds in my opinion. I also wonder if some of the current members would join after they graduated for some reason, I feel like reina and sayumi might. Idk
      I just hope the best for them in whatever is decided

    • Mila 5:17 am on 2011-04-09 Permalink | Reply

      I think if they start adding other members like Reina, Sayumi, Gaki, Takahashi, etc.. it will lose its whole “dream team” aspect and will simply be like watching deja vu.

      That in mind, I think adding Koharu is a bad move. Why is she there? She wasn’t that significant to the history of MM, and was only in the group a short time. The others are probably good choices though. It’ll be nice seeing Nakazawa in a mainstream group like that again. She was always around in the background (plenty of Hello!Morning episodes) but as one of the team members again, it’ll bring back good memories.

      In any case, I’ve been listening to the new Morning Musume album out going on a couple weeks now, and I do like it, but I think this dream team will crush them in popularity for a while. The new MM generation has quite a few new members that people don’t know very well. DMM is all about familiar faces, so that might be to their benefit. I know that this was all done as a way of adding some competition. This is what Tsunku always does. Any competition is good competition because it makes you work harder to be the best. What better competition is there than a team singing many of the same songs, with many more years of experience and potentially a larger fan base.

      Should all be interesting.

      • vampirehunterd 1:50 am on 2011-04-17 Permalink | Reply

        @Mila I agree with what you said about Koharu. I still like the current Morning Musume as idols but from the 7th gen on they just don’t seem like Morning Musume (if that makes any kind of sense). I think the Golden Era is 1st through 6th gen. The reason I went as far as 6th is when the 6th gen joined, there were still 1st gen members in the group. My favorite line-up is the one they had with Shabondama. I really can’t wait to see how well the girls (women?) do with the new (old) group. I hope they make a couple of PV’s from the new album but so far I haven’t heard of any in the plans. Fingers crossed.

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