THE Possible

From now on, every so often I will write some information about a little known group in Hello! Project or TNX, often a new group or a long defunct one that is all but forgotten.


THE Possible are made up of six members of the Hello! Project Eggs. However as THE Possible they are not actually part of Hello! Project. It is fair to say the have a unique position, being part of both Tsunku’s projects; Hello! Project and TNX. However they have a far smaller role in Hello! Project acting as back-up dancers at concerts. As THE Possible they have released a few songs and often perform as back-up dancers for Tokito Ami. Interestingly in the Winter 2007 concert THE Possible performed and were introduced as a Hello! Project band. This makes their future in TNX unknown.


  • Goto Yuki
  • Akiyama Yurika
  • Hashimoto Aina
  • Morozuka Kanami
  • Okada Robin Shouko
  • Ohse Kaede


  • Young Days!!! (19/11/06)
  • Hatsu Koi no Kakera (10/12/06)

Below is THE Possible’s latest single, Hatsu Koi no Kakera.