Sakura Chirari – Initial Thoghts

Sakura Chirari Cover - Special EditionSakura Chirari is  °C-ute’s first major single and will be released on February 21st, 2007. The single is called Sakura Chirari which I think translates as Cherry Blossoms at a Glance or Cherry Blossoms by accident. I’m not entirely sure, but that doesn’t matter right? It’s the song that matters. Well, it’s very like Maasara Blue Jeans and Soku Dakishimashite. If you liked those, you’ll probably like this. Apart from this being their first major single, it is also their first single without Murukami Megami and her absence is noticeable due to her role as a main singer before. However, I personally don’t believe this detracts from the single and I think it is definitely worth a listen whether you are a °C-ute fan or if this is your first enocunter of the °C-ute kind. The limited edition version of the CD (pictured above) comes with a  24-page mini photobook.  The first-press of the regular edition comes with a photo card.

Below you can listen to the single while viewing various clips of C-ute. I believe this is Sakura Chirari performed live.