°C-ute – Sakura Chirari PV

°C-ute’s PV for Sakura Chirari displays two main things I believe; Suzuki Airi has a large majority of the lines in all of °C-ute’s songs and this PV makes that very evident, secondly it’s clear that investment in °C-ute has gone up, being as this is their first major single under the Zetima label. The video is far more expensive looking that Maasara Blue Jeans for instance yet doesn’t quite match the quality of Berryz Koubou quite yet. The song itself is rather good I think, as I said earlier it’s much like their other songs. It’s good to see that Hagiwara Mai, Hello! Projects youngest member has a solo line in this song and that every member has a least a few lines to sing rather than just harmonising with Airi and Maima all of the time. Anyway, you can watch the PV below courtesy of Youtube.

Note this video is a little out of sync with the audio but it is far better than the others on Youtube which are completly out of sync and make it look like °C-ute need to go back to “Lip Sync 101.”