Birthdays, Berryz & Blues

Today there are several birthdays within Hello! Project: Yajima Maima, leader of °C-ute turns 15, Hagiwara Mai also of °C-ute turns 11, Kago Ai turns 19 and ex-Hello! Project member (formerly of Coconuts Musume) Lehua Sandbo turns 24.

Berryz Koubou’s upcoming concert at the Saitama Super Arena has sold out all of it’s 20,000 tickets two months before the concert on April 1st! The show has beat the Hello!Project 10th Anniversary Celebration in terms of it’s ticket sales in that the Anniversary concert still had available tickets into the week it was due to commence. With Berryz Koubou’s 13th single on the way this group shows no sign of stopping in it’s climb to the top!

On a slightly sadder note, this Friday will be one year since Kago Ai was indefinitely suspended from Hello! Project. I’m really hoping that soon enough the fun loving Kago will be once again a member of Hello! Project and W.