Winners of the Hello! Project Kansai Audition 2005

I was recently reading about Hello! Project audition and realized that the fate of the winners of the Hello! Project Kansai Audition 2005 had done nothing, I think, since their audition. The winners were; Iwashima Manami (16), Abe Asami (15), Nakamaya Nana (14), Suma Ai (14). Abe Asami is not the idol younger sister of Abe Natsumi by the way. So, anyone know what any of these people have done since their auditions? I remember Miyoshi Erika had to wait a long time before doing anything, but I don’t think it was this long?

Oh, it’s Tsugunaga Momoko’s (Berryz Koubou) 15th birthday today!