A rival for Hello! Project? – The Follow Up.

A little while ago I posted about the possible threat Akihabara48 could pose for Hello! Project and Morning Musume. At the time, I had just heard their new single: Seifuku ga Jama wo Suru, and was pretty impressed, as was Japan aparantly as the single reached #7 in the Oricon Charts. However, after further investigation and looking at some of their other PVs and listening to their singles, I find it very unlikely that AKB48 can steal Hello! Project’s place as girl-group extraordinaire. The main reasons for my thinking this is the sheer number of girls AKB48 has and how little they utilize them. For instance, some of the girls that are members of the group have never participated in a single, even to harmonize. The Team structure of Team A, K & B I think is good, it shows the pecking order of the group, with Team A providing the lead vocalists and cover girls, Team K providing back-up and occasional lead vocals and Team B…well I’m not entirely sure what Team B does at the moment… AKB48 already has two Sub-Groups, though these sub-groups serve the specific purpose of providing the theme for an anime and a TV-Show. Thus, after these shows disappear, so will the sub-groups, I think.. The final nail in the coffin for this argument in my mind is the polished nature of Hello! Project when compared to AKB48. The latest PV, Seifuku ga Jama wo Suru looks amazing, it really does and if all subsequent ones look like this, then AKB48 do have a chance to gain a big place in the Jpop world. However, the publicity shots for the girls are a little shabby looking I think, something about them doesn’t reek of Jpop perfection like Hello! Project…

Anyway, this is very ranting I realize but since I’ve wrote it I’ll post it.