Reaction to the new 8th Generation Members.

I’ve been reading the reaction to the new members on Hello! Online and must say I’m quite shocked. I also read there that the Japanese reaction to this is outrage, disappointment and confusion. I understand that relations between China and Japan aren’t particularly good, but I mean honestly, two young Chinese girls are going to cause little upset really and if they do, I can only condemn it as racism. I hate drawing the racism card as it used too often, but I cannot believe the reaction of some people before the two girls have even sang with Morning Musume! I think they need to be given a chance, they’ll be learning Japanese just like the Korean exchange student did I imagine. Tsunku has made other controversial choices before, Kusumi for instance. A weak voice and was pretty much hated by a large number of fans for a while, she’s gained popularity. Mitsui too, she was the underdog of the competition, she is proving to have a new and interesting sound. It sometime bothers me that the H!P fan community are so judgmental before they know anything about what they are bad mouthing.

Rant over.

Update: Okay not quite over. Something else is annoying me, people keep moaning for the losers of the eighth generation auditions in preference of the two new girls. I think I will reiterate, they were the losers and Tsunku clearly sees these two girls as better than the losers.