Two New Morning Musume Eighth Generation Members!!

Yes, this is indeed true. Shocking news from Tsunku, two new exchange members from China will be considered part of the eighth generation along with Mitsui Aika. The lucky two are Qian Lin (RinRin) and Li Chun (JunJun). RinRin originally was an exchange member of the Hello! Project eggs and JunJun auditioned around the same time as Mitsui in Beijing, China. It’s unknown how long the two will spend in Morning Musume but what is for sure is that they’ll be an interesting audition, Tsunku’s plan to break into mainland Asia seems to be taking form.

Name: Li Chun (李 純)
Nickname: Jun Jun
DOB: 11th February 1988
Age: 19
Birthplace: Hunan Province, China
Height: 168cm
Musical Background: Piano for two years
Hobbies & Skills: Singing and Performing
Foreign Language: English (Beginner), Japanese (presumably)
Favourite Artists: Lin Jun Jie, Cyndi Wang

Name: Qian Lin (銭 琳)
Nickname: Rin Rin
DOB: 11th March 1991
Age: 16
Height: 153cm
Hobbies/Skills: Singing, MCing, Impersinations, Piano, Guitar, Dancing, Swimming.