Hello! Project / TNX News Round Up

Releases This Week (19 – 25 March)

March 20th:

Pocket Gatas 2: The Dramatic Games Selection 2003 – 2007 (Book) ¥ 800

March 21st:

LULULU – GAM (3rd Single) (Audio CD) (Regular Edition) ¥ 1,050
LULULU – GAM (3rd Single (Audio CD/DVD) (Special Edition) ¥ 1,428
Hello! Pro Hour Volume 9 (DVD) ¥ 2,363
Uta Doki! POP CLASSICS Volume 1 (DVD) ¥ 2,363
Uta Doki! POP CLASSICS Volume 2 (DVD) ¥ 2,363
my life – Satoda Mai (2nd Photobook)

In other news, JunJun one of the newest additions to Morning Musume has spoke out against her haters asking for them to stop their insulting of her and most of all her homeland, China.

A new TNX unit is to be created sometime next month though at this time, little is known about it. Rumors are flying around that it could include Tokito Ami and Tsuji Nozomi, though I’m more than a little skeptical about this. Only time will tell. It should be noted that Tokito Ami is also performig with THE Possible on a new single.

Sexy 8 Beat, Morning Musume’s eighth album was at number 3 in the Oricon charts at the start of the week, today it has slid to number 6 and I predict it will slip even further out of the top ten by next week, I hope not though. I’ll review this album later on.