Review – Sexy 8 Beat

Morning Musume’s newest album Sexy 8 Beat is a rather mixed bag of treats. I’ll go through each track individually and give a final score at the end.

Track 1 – Genki +

This track is fantastic, it’s got a kind of disco sound to it and is sung by Morning Musume all together. This song is possibly my favourite on the album as it’s a new song to listen to and is a cut above most of their recent “album only” tracks. The 「ね 元気 ね 元気」lines in the song are particularly catchy.

Track 2 – Aruiteru (ALBUM EDIT)

I don’t really notice much difference between this track and the single version of the song, but of course Aruiteru is a good song, if not a little slow for my tastes.

Track 3 – Mirai no Taiyou

This song doesn’t do very much for me, it’s not a particularly bad song but it’s just not all that special. The melody isn’t particularly catchy and it’s not something I’d ever find myself wanting to dance to.

Track 4 – Egao YES Nude (ALBUM MIX)

Again, this isn’t very different from the single release and thankfully so as I really like this song, it kind of has that disco feel to it. The album mix has more sound effects and it sounds like everything echoes a little more.

Track 5 – Haru Beautiful Everyday

This song is sung only by Mitsui Aika and Kamei Eri and I like it very much. It displays the vocal talents of both members and showcases that Mitsui is a good singer, the melody is very nice too, this track makes for easy listening.

Track 6 – SEXY BOY ~Soyokaze ni Yorisotte~

I’ve always liked this single from Morning Musume, it’s a fun track to listen to and the lyrics are pretty catchy.

Track 7 – Ambitious! Yashinteki de Ii Jan

Strangely I wasn’t a big fan of this song before I accidently ended up listening to the whole thing on this album. I really like this song now and am finding I prefer it to SEXY BOY ~Soyokaze ni Yorisotte~. With a fast based beat and upbeat melody this song is essential Morning Musume, or so I think.

Track 8 – Sono Deai no Tame ni

This song, sung only by Yoshizawa Hitomi is very nice and it’s great that she has a solo song on her last Morning Musume album. She really does have a very nice voice and I think she’ll do well in whatever new project she gets after her graduation.

Track 9 – Shanimuni Paradise

This song is sung by Fujimoto Miki, Takahashi Ai, Niigaki Risa and Tanaka Reina. The song has a rather upbeat melody and is quite catchy. It’s nowhere near as good as Genki + however it is probably my second favourite new song on the album.

Track 10 -Takara no Hako

I don’t usually like Shige-Pinku and Koha-Pinku duets though I think this one is rather nice. Shige’s voice still strikes me as very weak but Koha’s makes up for this in this song. To be fair to Michishige, she has improved vastly over the years.

Track 11 – BE Positive!

This song is sung by all the members of Morning Musume and the song is pretty chirpy and has a decent melody. However, I find that it lacks much substance and it’s not a particular favourite of mines

Overall Album Rating: 8/10

This album has a good selection of songs and none are particularly awful, all of the singles present in the album are really good and Genki + is my favourite new song on this album, I think it would have made a good single. I think this album is far better than Rainbow 7.