Not again Kago

Well, it seems that once again Kago Ai is in the tabloids, just when it seemed like she was about to make a comeback. However, this time I wouldn’t say it was as serious as the smoking scandal last year. Kago has supposedly been seen in a car with a much older male smoking, as well as staying the night with him at a hotel. However, there is no photographic evidence to prove that she smoked or stayed the night with him in a hotel. However, this tabloid exposure is negative and damaging to Kago’s already shaky reputation. UFA have supposedly responded that they believe that the man in question is Kago’s friend and not lover, however if they discover differently, Kago may be in danger of her career collapsing. The man in question is a close friend of hers. Let’s hope this just blows over. Weekly Gendai will be publishing this story, not Friday.