Sayonara Kago Ai

Well it’s official, Kago Ai won’t be coming back to Hello! Project her contract with UFA has been terminated after the second scandal which has been confirmed as true. I think the fact that this scandal is true is evidence enough that Kago doesn’t really want to be an idol or member of Hello! Project anymore. I’m disappointed I’ll admit, I don’t see how Tsuji can work as a soloist right now. I like Tsuji, but I mainly liked her as a member of W…

I can’t seem to properly access the Hello! Project site right now, maybe it’s flooded with visitors, or maybe they’re removing W’s artist page? Or maybe my computer isn’t working properly… Edit: I can get on now but it’s still going very slowly, I wonder when they’ll take down W’s artist page, or at least update it with a solo picture of Tsuji.

The statement from UFA.

The translated statement from Hello! Online