I love the eighth generation!

I’ve just watched the Hello! Morning episode where wee see Morning Musume meet their new members and I must say, I’m very impressed! I’ve always liked Mitsui from her auditions but I like her even more now, she has a great voice and can really dance, she has such a cute personality too!

JunJun and LinLin too, they’re going to be great additions to Morning Musume, LinLin’s Japanese sounds very natural and what she doesn’t know I have a feeling she’ll soon learn. JunJun knows very little Japanese but it is clear that she is trying to be attentive and learn and speak the Japanese she can, even if it is only “hai,” “arigatou gozaimasu,” or whatever else. I don’t think this is going to be like Coconuts Musume where the American girls seemed to speak very little Japanese even after a year in Hello! Project. I cannot wait to see the two girls perform but I’m very pleased with this generation, more so than I was with Koharu Kusumi (which at the time wasn’t very much anyway). I really do hope that eventually people can accept the two new girls’ Chinese heritage and move on.