New Section – Downloads + 1st Download [GET – Heike Michiyo]

I’ve finally created a downloads section which currently contains a mere single download, GET by Hekie Michiyo. Hello! Project’s first idol deserves the first download slot. This singles is from all the way back in 1997, only the single is included as I don’t have the c/w I’m afraid. I love this song and think Heike is a great artist.

A note about my downloads section, don’t expect many newer singles as these are easy to buy if you really want to, and also very easy to find on lots of other sites. What you can expect are older singles, and one of my favourite Hello! Project groups, Coconuts Musume most definately will be getting a mention…like them or not, they’ll be there.

Oh, i’m not sure if you can actually see the downloads page at the moment, an issue with WordPress I believe, I can access it but not actually see it myself. The direct link is