Hey Newbies!


The official Hello! Project website has a pretty nifty page which details all the participants of the Dai Ikkai Hello!Project Shinjin Kouen ~Saru no Kiza~/~Tori no Kiza~ Concert which will take place on May 13th 2007. Some notable appearances are the three eighth generation members of Morning Musume, THE Possible, Arihara Kanna of °C-ute and Happy 8th Audition participant Kikkawa Yuu who is now a Hello! Project Egg. Interestingly and somewhat slightly disappointing, Tomoiki aren’t listed as a group but are just scattered amongst the long list of Hello! Project Eggs, I’m not sure if this means they aren’t an official band or not…I hope not, I rather liked the Tomoiki lineup.

Anyway, check out the page, it has lots of pictures. To see the profiles, click the third button to the right on the top menu, it’s marked “Profiles” funnily enough.