Kikkawa Yuu Hype

On Kikkawa Yuu’s joining Hello! Project their has been a lot excitement from a great number of Morning Musume fans and what I’d describe as Yuu enthusiasts. There were a lot of grunts after Mitsui Aika was chosen for Morning Musume as opposed to Kikkawa and the extremely popular Sumire. Currently, Kikkawa is a member of the Hello! Project Eggs who train in dancing in singing for the possibility of one day debuting as full fledged idols under the Hello! Project umbrella, or TNX perhaps like THE Possible. 

Their has been speculation that Kikkawa was snatched up right after failing to win the audition, so as not to lose someone who could potentialy offer a lot for Tsunku and Hello! Project.

However, it should be noted that their are many Hello! Project Eggs and out of all of them only three have graduated to much bigger things and it’s also apparent that LinLin was a member of the Hello! Project Eggs so as to hold her until the time came to join Morning Musume.

I’d like to see Kikkawa do something good, but I’d also like to see many other of the Hello! Project Eggs debut, possibly to form a new group.

It’s a little early for Kikkawa fans to raise their hope at this time I believe!