Seven new downloads~!

I’ve updated the downloads page with seven new songs for you to listen to, all of these by none other than my favourite Hello! Project group, Coconuts Musume!! The downloads are as follows:

Halation SummerCoconuts Musume’s 1st single. (1999-07-23)
Summer Night Town (English Version)Track 2 of Halation Summer. (1999-07-23)
DANCE & CHANCECoconuts Musume’s 2nd single. (1999-08-25)
DANCE & CHANCE (English Version)Track 3 of DANCE & CHANCE (1999-08-25)
Tokunatsu MusumeCoconuts Musume’s 3rd single (2000-05-17)
Jounetsu Yuki MiraisenCoconuts Musume’s 5th and final single (2001-08-22)
Shiawase Desu ka? (Live) Performed by Coconuts Musume at Morning Musume LOVE IS ALIVE! 2002 Natsu. (2002-09-26)

You can get these all on the download page of course, I don’t have their fourth single unfortunately but if anyone does, I’m accepting donations!

Please request any other songs (Hello! Project or TNX only) you wish to see for download and I’ll do my best to get them.