Happy ☆彡 Takes #2

I’m sure UFA and Hello! Project’s youngest soloist are very Happy that Kusumi’s newest single has taken #2 in the charts, and it wasn’t a steal either, she’s done pretty well landing at #2 almost every day last week. I don’t know how she managed it, the single was alright but I never expected such a positive response!

Kusumi is something of a big seller when you look at the sales for her last two singles though, Koi Kana sold over 30,000 which is very good for a Hello! Project soloist, but Balalaika sold in total over 72,000 which is better than some recent Morning Musume singles have done. I’m not a great fan of Koharu but I must say I’m impressed by her sales figures, sure she is attached to an anime, but it’s not as if the anime is massive.

Technically, Koharu has been in the charts at #2 with two different releases for two weeks now, Kanashimi Twilight with Morning Musume and her Happy ☆彡.

I’m still in shock!