Yoshizawa Hitomi graduates from Morning Musume

Today Yoshizawa Hitomi graduated from Morning Musume after seven years with the group and the last remaining fourth generation member. Yoshizawa had been leader for around 2 years and has passed on the baton to Fujimoto Miki who as from today is the leader of Morning Musume with Takahashi Ai her sub-leader.

I’m quite sad to see Yoshizawa leave as she was one of my favourite members as well as what I consider the last member of the “classic Morning Musume era.” That is, the 1st generation to 4th.

I’m quite exited as to what she’ll do next and am glad she’s going to be getting right on with her new work as a solo artist, or whatever Tsunku or UFA has planned for her.

She shed no tears at her graduation, what more can you expect from Yoshizawa? She always was very cool.

I think Fujimoto will make a good leader but her personality is so different from Yoshizawa’s and I think this will be reflected.

It was actually yesterday that Yoshizawa graduated, at the time of writing however it was “today” for me…