UFA Make it Official

There is now a notice on the Hello! Project website about Tsuji Nozomi’s marriage and pregnancy, I’ve translated the article but realised that it’s already been done…twice so you’ll have probably read that else where. Instead…I’ll give my opinion on the situation (Woo for you).

In short, I think UFA and Hello! Project are dealing with this whole “incident” very well. In fact, a little too well. I think it’s most likely been negotiated that Tsuji will part from Hello! Project on good terms and thus not harm any possible future works, which are unlikely now I have to say. Although it has not been announced she is leaving, she won’t be performing pregnant will she? Plus, stress isn’t good for the child in the womb, or so I hear.

I think it would be nice if Tsuji and Hello! Project parted ways nicely, but I very much doubt UFA are “happy for her.” On the contrary, I suspect they’re pretty peeved, what with Tsuji’s solo single just about to be released and her role in an anime just starting. Sure they can replace her, but that usually doesn’t happen in Japanese anime, at least not permanently and so quickly.

I’m pretty sad to see Gyaruru become Gyagonegone. I think they’d have made a nice little unit, even if for only one single. I don’t know if they’ll replace Tsuji, I doubt it somehow. Maybe they’ll still release the single though…maybe.

Anyway before this becomes even more non-sensical, I’m going to stop writing. I almost promise that the next post won’t be about Tsuji. Unless she’s having triplets or something.