Canaria Club’s debut single SWEET & TOUGHNESS was released on May 3rd 2007 and debuted at number #89 in the Oricon Charts. It’s very, very unlikely that the single will raise above this. It’s actually done better than some of THE Possible’s work (I think). The single is a cover of a track from a Tokito Ami album and this is most definately reflected in the quality of the single.

The single is a quite an unbeat pop song with reasonable vocals though it’s most definately nothing special. It has that “album track you skip” feeling and I can’t help but get tired of the repeated melody which isn’t all that special. The phrase “Sweet & Toughness” is repeated too many times to even be cute.

The B-side to the single, Yume wo Shinjite (roughly translated as Believe in your Dreams) is actually stronger that SWEET & TOUGHNESS I feel. The melody is much more enjoyable and it is more sang than shouted as with the A-side. It’s not a fantastic track but I think it tops SWEET & TOUGHNESS.

The third and fourth tracks are instrumentals of the two vocal tracks.

Overall, I think SWEET & TOUGHNESS is a rather disapointing debut from this new TNX group, I expected a lot more from the group and was excited at the possibilty of a new THE Possible-esque group. It’s not over for Canaria Club for me though, the B-side secured some hope that their single could be better.

I recently also seen the PV for this single, if you can call it that. It’s very, very boring unfortunately with a pure white background, which didn’t work for this kind of song. Anyway, I’m reviewing the song.

On the whole, it wasn’t terrible, it was saved by the B-side, 5/10.