Gyraruru back on track! (Update)

Since leader Tsuji Nozomi’s abrupt retirement from the group I thought that it was likely that Gyraruru would be no more, however that is not so with Abe Natsumi’s younger sistser Abe Asami replacing Tsuji.

Sonene will take Tsuji’s place as leader and Asami will (I assume) inherit all of Tsuji’s singing parts and quite scarily it seems she has inherited Tsuji’s costume too…

I’m glad Gyaruru are back and I’m looking forward to hearing the rerecorded version of their first single. Asami’s Gyraruru name is Abebe. Oh correction, it seems the single will be releases with Tsuji’s vocals and without Abebe, she’ll debut on the release date of the single though. Then again I’m hearing conflicting news that Abebe will replace Tsuji on the debut single.

Update: Check out the promotional poster at Hello! Online, Abe looks pretty good.