Is Abe Too Far Away?

Abe Natsumi’s latest single managed to take #15 in the Oricon charts on the first week of sales with around 9,000 copies sold, making her latest single her worst selling to date.

The single is very good and Abe sounds great so why hasn’t it sold? I think mainly because Hello! Project’s popularity as a whole has been gradually diminishing over the last few years, with Morning Musume struggling to stay in the top 5 it’s even harder for ex-Morning Musume members I think, with Hello! Morning replaced by Haromoni@ it leaves little chance to see any of the other members of Hello! Project anymore.

Abe’s latest single would have been performed on Hello! Morning but due to the length of Haromoni@ it was given a 30second slot at the end of the show while the credits were rolling, a picture of the CD cover with a brief sample of the track.

It’s a real pity that this single has sold poorly and it’s certain to go down next week. Though it’s worth mentioning that usaully Hello! Project ballads don’t do well, look at Goto’s Secret for instance. (Though it sold better, and was I think a better track.)

In slightly better news, according to recent sales figures Kanashimi Twilight has been Morning Musume’s biggest single since the 2005 single Iroppoi Jirettai.