Friday – Fujimoto Miki

That’s right, our favourite Japanese tabloid magazine is going to reveal some scandolous information on the new leader of Morning Musume. Supposdly she’s been see with some guy on various occasions and has spent the night with him, Shouji Tomoharu is the guy. I don’t know of him well, but he is a comedian.

I’m not sure what the implications will be for Fujimoto right now, I’m hoping it’s not expulsion or a Yaguchi style resocognition.

I don’t think Hello! Project or UFA can really afford to lose another major member this year, the image of Hello! Project is certainly becoming interesting.

Really, it’s Fujimoto’s right to see any guy she wants, she’s more than old enough to make her own decisions. But as we know so well, UFA will have the final say.

Will Takahashi Ai become leader sooner than we thought?

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