GAM 1st Concert Tour 2007 Shoka Natsu ~Great Aya & Miki~

Boy that’s a long post title, isn’t it?

GAM’s first concert tour began yesterday and looking at the track listing for the concert it’s looking pretty good! I’m especially glad to see Gomattou’s SHALL WE LOVE? which was also recently covered by °C-ute at their first full solo concert. Other notable tracks, besides GAM’s own singles and album tracks are Matsuura’s solo version of Suki Sugite Baka Mitai, Country Musume ni Konno to Fujimoto’s 1st single: Shining Itoshiki Anata, From That Sky ~Kaedama wa Katamen de~ from Matsuura’s second album: T.W.O, Namida GIRL from Fujimoto’s first album and finally a brand new, never before seen track, Atsui Tamashi.

Full Track Listing:

  1. 甘い誘惑 (Amai Yuuwaku)
  2. LU LU LU
  3. 愛情オアシス (Aijou Oasis)
  4. MC1
  5. イチャイチャ Summer (Ichaicha Summer)
  7. MC2
  8. 好きすぎて バカみたい (Suki Sugite Baka Mitai) – Matsuura Aya
  9. シャイニング 愛しき貴方 (Shining Itoshiki Anata) – Fujimoto Miki
  10. MC3
  11. 蜃気楼ロマンス (Shinkirou Romance)
  12. メロディーズ (Melodies)
  13. 愛の船 (Ai no Fune)
  14. 熱い魂 (Atsui Tamashi)
  15. MC4
  16. ここで キスして (Koko de Kisu shite)
  17. From That Sky~替え玉は硬メンで~ (From That Sky ~Kaedama wa Katamen de~)
  18. 純潔~Only~ (Junketsu ~Only~)
  19. 涙GIRL (Namida Girl)
  20. FAMILY


  1. ・・・H
  2. MC5
  3. Thanks!*