Fujimoto Miki Leaves Morning Musume

Following in the footsteps of former Morning Musume leader Yaguchi Mari, Fujimoto Miki has quit Morning Musume with the reason being she has betrayed her position as a member of Morning Musume.

I’m actually reasonbly shocked by this as I thought in all honesty this scandal was quite minor, especially consdiering Fujimoto’s character. I feel that it’s quite likely she has been asked to resign as opposed to quiting herself, as she seemed very resolute a few days back. Her resignition is as of today (June 1st 07) and Takahashi Ai has taken over as leader with Niigaki as her subleader. I hope Takahashi can last a little longer, Takhashi stated a few days ago she wasn’t ready to be leader though.

This hasn’t been a good year for Hello! Project so far in terms of scandal.

Fujimoto will continue in GAM with Matsuura Aya, she won’t however be appearing at the 10th anniversary concert this summer.

I wonder if Morning Musume’s 34th single will be delayed now, and I’m also very interested in who will get Fujimoto’s many lines.