Hello! Project Official Site Changes (With Translated Screens)

Hello! Project have finally updated their artist page which was looking a bit kind of messy with old and new groups just scattered all over the place and no real consistancy. All of the groups have been categorized into either the Wonderful Hearts or the Elder Club. Strangely there are two other categories which I can’t quite work out what they are supposed to be. The latter contains all of the older groups like Tanpopo, Minimoni, Pucchimoni and the temporary units, GAM is included in this category for some reason…let’s hope it doesn’t mean what logic would have it mean.

The third category contains, Tsuji Nozomi, Ogawa Makoto & Kusumi Koharu Now the first two would make sense as the category for H!P members on personal leave, however Kusumi is on anything but leave, she’s practically the star of the show now. It’s quite likely that category is for misc or other as Kusumi is only a solo artist in the capacity of her anime work, still it’s a little odd. You’ll notice Fujimoto Miki now has her own soloist page and Morning Musume have been updated to include all the 8th gen and no Miki. They should’ve given it a title. Anyway, I’ve made some screenshots with translations, just for fun…

(Okay I made that up…)