Latest (Retro) Hello! Project Purchases

My latest Hello! Project is (again) of the retro variety. In case you haven’t noticed I’m a stickler for the Hello! Project gone-by and thse four singles couldn’t pass me by. They’re not brand new so they’re not in perfect condition but they’re pretty damn almost. Memory Seishun no Hikari is in fact perfect, it even contains the mini lyrics booklet that came with it, what’s more it’s the limited version. I really like the 8-cm CDs that were once common in Japan, they’re so dinky. I’d like the Early Singles Collection but I’d much rather have the originals I think. There’s not much point in reviewing the singles because I’m sure you all know them. I hadn’t heard the c/w for any of these singles before though (except Never Forget on Memory Seishun no Hikari). The cost was very reasonble, around £12 including shipping, which is around $24 right? This week I’ve got the following Hello! Project goodies on the way; Morning Musume – Kanashimi Twilight Limited Edition B, Kiiro 5 – Kiiro Osara de BOOM BOOM BOOM!, Pucchimoni – Chokotto Love and maybe a week after Coconuts Musume’s DANCE & CHANCE.