Recent Hello! Project purchases.

Well I’ve been spending far too much money that I don’t have recently on Hello! Project merchandise, this month I bought Country Musume ni Konno to Fujimoto’s single Uwaki na Honey Pie and Tanpopo’s 1st album: TANPOPO 1. My biggest purchase has been completing my collection of Coconuts Musume’s singles, I now own a copy of all of their singles and it wasn’t cheap, the hardest to find and most expensive was their first single Halation Summer. Jounetsu Yuki Miraisen and DANCE&CHANCE were quite easy to come across.

I’ve also preordered Morning Musume’s 34th single Onna ni Sachi Are with the DVD, that’s limited edition A I think. I had 600yen of points to use on CDJapan so I couldn’t resist, it was my first purchase from that site so I hope all goes well.

I absolutely must hold of buying anything for a while now as I move out to start University in just over a month and a half. My next purchase will be Berryz Koubou or Goto Maki’s 4th album I think…