Meguru Koi no Kisetsu – 1st Day Sales

°C-ute seem to have done it again, landing at #2 on the first day of sales for their 2nd major single Meguru Koi no Kisetsu. Considering the type of group °C-ute is and the quality of the PV for this single, °C-ute must have a very loyal fanbase or the Japanese have just took a liking to them. As for me I liked them quite a lot back when they were releasing their indie singles but their first two major singles haven’t done much for me.

I have to say though I really like the coupling track with this single: Bishoujo Shinri. I haven’t purchased this single and I don’t think I will…maybe next time they release something.

All in all I’m pleased that any Hello! Project artist can manage to get into the top 10 these days.

Day 2: 4
Day 3: 6