Onna ni Sachi Are – Initial Impressions

I’ve been reading a few early reviews of Morning Musume’s 34th single: Onna ni Sachi Are and views are most certainly mixed. As I’ve recently decided to curtail my spending on Hello! Project/TNX/AKB48 merchandise it came down to the choice of two CDs for me this month; Canaria Club’s Seishun Banzai! or Morning Musume’s Onna ni Sachi Are. The choice was easy, Morning Musume.

I myself actually really like Onna ni Sachi Are it’s sort of like somewhere inbetween Kanashimi Twilight and Ambitious! Yashinteki de Ii Jan I think, both of those singles I like.

This is also the first single for Takahashi Ai as leader of Morning Musume and as always she has a great amount of lines and she sings them well. Koharu opens the song which in my opinion isn’t a great choice as her voice isn’t the strongest in Morning Musume and not the best way to start a song.

This is also the debut of JunJun and LinLin the girls who I think make the eighth generation. I like Mitsui Aika and think she has a pretty nice voice but for me something was missing when Tsunku choose her as the sole member of the eighth generation, JunJun and LinLin have completed it for me. I absolutely love JunJun’s voice and expression in the PV, so much so that I’ve changed the site banner to JunJun.

I think this single is a great single and I’m just waiting to hear the coupling track. I’ve ordered my copy of Limited Edition A with the DVD though I kind of want the photobook too…

Do JunJun & LinLin a favour, buy this single!