July 18th Releases

  • °C-ute: °C-ute Concert Tour Spring 2007: Golden Hatsu Date – °C-ute’s first full solo concert on DVD release.
  • °C-ute: Meguru koi no Kisetsu Single V – The DVD release of °C-ute’s second major single featuring the PV, a making-of and alternate versions of the original PV.
  • Michishige Sayumi: Love Hello! in Guam Michishige Sayumi – An idol DVD featuring Morning Musume member Michishige Sayumi in Guam.
  • AKB48: BINGO! – AKB48’s 6th single and 4th major single.
  • AKB48: Haru no Chotto Dake Zenkoku Tour – Madamada da ze AKB48! in Nihon Kouseinenkin Kaikan – AKB48’s latest DVD release.

°C-ute fans will be pleased with today’s releases, the Single V and the DVD of their latest concert. If anyone doesn’t mind answering, do you actually buy Single Vs? Michishige’s latest Idol DVD is out also today and I’m sure it will sell quite well.

The only release today that interests me is AKB48’s 6th single, BINGO! It’s a really nice single and the first to include girls from all three teams, it’s released in both Regular and Limited edition. BINGO! has reached #9 on the Oricon Charts on it’s first day of sales. AKB48 also have a concert DVD out today too.