Review – BINGO!

BINGO! is the sixth single from AKB48 and was released on the 18th of July 2007. As the single has yet to complete a week of sales no oricon weekly sales are currently availible though on my last check it had ranked at #6 in the daily charts, pretty good.

BINGO! breaks away from AKB48’s past two singles which have had pretty serious themes, Seifuku ga Jama wo Suru dealing with underage prostitution and Keibetsu Shiteita Aijo dealing with teen suicide. This single has a much more light hearted feel, as if it would be hard, and is a fun summer song.

The single has four tracks, BINGO! as the title track with Only Today as the coupling track as well as an instrumental for both.  BINGO! is a great song, I first heard it when I seen a preview of the PV and straight away ripped it and put it on my Ipod. It’s very cheery and the girls all sound great as always. This single is quite notable in that Team B members participate in it for the first time, not all of Team B though obviously.

The coupling track Only Today is rather like BINGO! I think. It has a cheery summer theme to it and although not as pleasant a melody it beats a lot of coupling tracks out there.

AKB48 is proving itself as a group of quality, their PVs look good and they sound good. Their daily theatre performances clearly give good practice.

Overall: 9/10