July 25th Releases


  • Morning Musume: Onna ni Sachi Are – Morning Musume’s 34th single, the first since Yoshizawa Hitomi’s graduation and Fujimoto Miki’s resignition. Also features new 8th generation members RinRin and JunJun. It will be released in regular and special editions, one special edition with a photobook and one with a DVD.
  • Canaria Club: Seishun Banzai! – Canaria Club’s second single.

Today’s releases are Morning Musume’s 34th single and Canaria Club’s 2nd single. Onna ni Sachi Are from Morning Musume, despite what some people say, I think is a great single. It’s fast paced, lively and has some attitude. It’s the musical debut of JunJun and LinLin with Morning Musume and Takahashi Ai’s first single as leader of Morning Musume. I’ve ordered my copy of Limited Edition A and I’m hoping it will be here soon.

Canaria Club have also released their second single today. TNX aren’t exactly known for giving high quality releases in terms of CD packaging, Canaria Club’s first single didn’t have a cover but instead a card that served as the cover…

This single looks of higher quality and I also think the song is a lot better and more suited to Canaria Club. I didn’t know much about them when their first single came out though I’ve learned that quite a few of the members are U-15 models. The single retails at 1000yen if I’m not mistaken so if you like them, pick it up and get them some sales.