Itoshiki Tomo e – Initial Impressions

Morning Musume Tanjou 10nen Kinentai’s 2nd single Itoshiki Tomo e is due to be released on August 8th and the PV has recently been uploaded to Dohhh UP! Initially I was rather sceptical as to the quality of the single as although I thought their first, Bokura ga Ikiru MY ASIA was a pretty nice song I didn’t really think it was much to celebreate 10 years of Morning Musume.

I watched the PV on Dohhh UP! and almost instantly became adicted to the song, it’s a very gentle melody and the voclas sound brilliant. The chours is especially nice and it’s nice to see that all of the members got some nice solo lines. The PV itself is pretty stunning and all of the girls look great. I thought that the dresses of the first single were a bit boring being all the same colour but I certainly cannot say the same this time. They all look amazing, though especially Abe and Niigaki, especially Niigaki.

I’ve ripped the audio from the PV so you, if you’re eager to listen to it like me can put have it until the single is released. I’ve ordered a copy of the Limited Edition and I hope other people will buy it too!

Itoshiki Tomo e Download

Limited Edition Purchase: YesAsia – CDJapan (Sold Out)
Regular Edition Purchase: YesAsiaCDJapan