Two New Hello! Project Singles! / One New Hello! Project Album!

Quite a few major releases announced today with news of Nakazawa Yuko’s 12th single to be released on the 10th of October 2007 and °C-ute’s 3rd major single to be released the following week on the 17th of October 2007. Matsuura Aya’s 5th album will also be released on the 10th of October 2007.

I’m not surprised Nakazawa is releasing a single in October as it will have been over a year since her last single, Urara. I am however quite surprised that °C-ute are releasing another single only three months after their second major release. I’m hoping it will be something closer to their indie singles as I really liked their singles prior to them beign signed to the zetima label.

I’m looking forward to Matsuura’s 5th album and it’s got to be better than Naked Songs which I found a bit dull.