Up-Front Egg Auditions!

The Hello! Project website has posted news of a new set of Hello! Project Egg auditions, I’m surprised they need any more Hello! Project Eggs but apparantly they do! The website reminds hopefuls that these auditions aren’t only to become an idol singer but to become a raido host, an actress, a futsal player and many more entertainment-world related things.

I couldn’t decided whether to translate the news message or the application form (yes you can apply online) or the FAQ, I decided on translating the FAQ. (Oh note that it doesn’t refer to the audition as Hello! Project Egg audition but as Up-Front Egg Audition)

Oh note that I’m by no means fluent in Japanese and this translation is as best I can manage I don’t even start University until next month.

Translated FAQ

Q. オーディションを受けるには、どうしたらよいでしょうか?

A. 応募フォーム、もしくはオーディション用紙に必要事項を記入し応募してください。

Q. How do I audition?

A. Please fill in the application form or the audition form. Please feel free to apply.

Q. 未成年ですがオーディションに参加できますか?

A. 未成年者は親権者の同意が必要となりますので、親権者の同意を得た上で、ご参加下さい。

Q. Can minors participate in the audtion?

A. Minors must get parental consent to participate in the audition. Please get parental consent before auditioning.

Q. Is it safe to audition? (I didn’t really understand this question fully.)

A. It is safe to audition. The audition is to find your individual talents.

Q. 応募写真はどのような写真がいいですか?

A. 普段のあなたらしさが表現できる服装で、できるだけお顔のはっきりわかる写真が好ましいです。

Q. What kind of photograph should I submit for the application photograph?

A. You should submit a photograph wearing the clothes you wear on a day-to-day basis and your face should be clearly visable.

Q. 未成年の場合「親権者の同意が必要」とあるが、親でなくてもOKか?

A. 法的に当人を保護する立場にある人であればOKです。

Q. Is it okay to give permission even if I am not the minor’s parent?

A. If you are the minor’s legal guardian then it is okay.


A. オーディション応募費用、撮影料、レッスン費等はいっさい頂いておりませんが、オーディション会場までの交通費は各自ご負担ください。

Q. Does it cost money to audition?

A. It does not cost anything for the application, the photography or the lessons etc.

Q. 応募データは返却してもらえますか?

A. 応募データ、ご送付・持ち込みいただいた書類の返却はできません。

Q. Can the application data be returned?

A. The application data cannot be returned however the data will be destroyed after the audition ends.

Q. 他の事務所に所属している場合、アップフロントエッグオーディションは受けられますか?

A. 特定の事務所やレコード会社と契約していない方が対象です。

Q. Can I audition if I belong to another agency?

A. You cannot audition if you belong to another agency or record label.

Q. Is the Up-Front Egg Audition a part of Hello! Project? (Not too sure about this)

A. The audition is not limited to Hello! Project and there is a great deal of opportunity in all areas.

Q. 応募用の写真に規定はありますか?

A. 応募時3ヶ月以内に撮影されたもので、ご本人のみが写っている写真をお送りください。

Q. Are there any regulations for the photograph used for the application?

A. Please send in a photograph with only the person auditioning in it and make sure the photograph is taken within three months of sending in the application.

Q. それぞれの方法で何度も申し込みできるんですか?

A. 携帯、パソコン、郵送、窓口受付いずれか1つの方法で1回のみの応募とします。

Q. Is it possible to apply more than once using different methods?

A. You can only apply once either by internet application, handing in the application directly or by mail.

There is a strange little note at the bottom of the FAQ about “paying your way into UFA.” I think it refers to bribery though I didn’t bother to translate it.