Latest J-Pop Purchases

I’ve been going a bit crazy purchasing J-Pop CDs recently, at the start of June I didn’t own any and now I own around 40 or so… Anyway, my latest purchases are

  • Teenage Dream – Heike Michiyo’s 1st album, signed.
  • For ourself ~Single History~ – Heike Michiyo’s 2nd album.
  • GET – Heike Michiyo’s 1st single.
  • Sotsugyou ~Top of the World~ – Heike Michiyo’s 2nd single.
  • Daikirai – Heike Michiyo’s 3rd single.
  • Dakedo Aishisugite – Heike Michiyo’s 4th single.
  • Anata no Yume ni Naritai – Heike Michiyo’s 5th single.
  • scene – Heike Michiyo’s 6th single.
  • Massara Blue Jeans – C-ute’s first indie single.
  • Kaze no Uwasa – THE Possible’s 6th single.
  • Itoshiki Tomo e – Morning Musume Tanjou 10nen Kinentai’s 2nd single (Preorder)
  • AKB48 – Keibetsu Shiteita Aijo – AKB48’s 5th single. (Limited Edition)

So quite a lot of things, and none of them have even been dispatched yet so I’ll have a flurry of mail soon enough.