It’s becoming Possible!

I could talk about all the various positions Hello! Project artists have came in this week such as Kira*Pika taking #9 or Berryz Koubou’s album taking #14. I’m not going to do that though.

THE Possible have taken #43 in the Oricon charts with their 6th single Kaze no Uwasa which although isn’t spectacular it shows an improvement in rating with every single they release. The single peaked at #16 in the daily charts which is brilliant. I think this single has done relatively well due to the fact the song itself is really catchy and also because it’s been concert performed before it’s release. I also notice that the foucus seemed to have been taken of Akiyama Yurika. Although she can sing I think this is a good think as I don’t think she really works as the face of the group. My copy of this single probably won’t arrive for a week or so yet, maybe more as YesAsia is still processing the order… Thus I’ve downloaded the tracks to tide me over until my CD arrives. See what I did with the title there…