Today’s Releases

  • Chocolove from AKB48: Mail no Namida – Chocolove from AKB48’s second single. Released in both regular and limited editions.
  • GAM: 2007 Hatsu Natsu ~Great Aya & Miki~ – GAM’s first concert tour release on DVD
  • Matsuura Aya: Egao – Matsuura Aya’s 19th single, the theme for NTV News 24.
  • Kumai Yurina: Yurina – The debut solo photobook of Berryz Koubou’s Kumai Yurina.
  • Canaria Club: Seishun Banzai Single V – The DVD release of Canaria Club’s second single featuring the PV and other clips.

Quite a few releases today; Firstly Chocolove from AKB48’s second single titled Mail no Namida. As with their last single this is released in four versions; one limited edition with a DVD featuring the PV and the making-of and three regular editions featuring a different solo version for each member on each. Considering AKB48’s track record this should do quite well I think. Matsuura Aya’s 19th single Egao has also been released. It’s a very slow gentle ballad and it’s rather nice, it’s daily ranking in the Oricon charts is #8 today, I hope it makes top ten but I’m not holding my breath. Other notable releases include Kumai Yurina’s first photobook and GAM’s first concert DVD. Canaria Club have also released their latest Single V…