New September/October Releases Ahead!

A new month, a new set of releases I shouldn’t buy but probably will. Kusumi Koharu is releasing her fourth single entitled Chance! Earlier this year I would have simply ignored any releases by the Miracle Girl but I have to say she’s growing on me, I’m glad that her solo career is continuting regardless of the creation of Kira*Pika.  Niigaki Risa is also releasing a single to conicide with her role as Atena in her new anime replacing Tsuji Nozomi though the single will be sang with a fellow voice actor, the single will be entitled: Shouri no BIG WAVE!!!

The most interesting release is アルバム「モーニング娘。ALL SINGLES C~ or Morning Musume All Singles C~, Netdirect have it listed though don’t have any information on it, I’m not too sure what it could be though it’s obvisouly a single collection, it could be a best-of like Morning Musume Best! 1 and 2.

New Release Summary

  • September 24th: Morning Musume All Singles C~ – Morning Musume
  • October 7th: Chance! – Kusumi Koharu
  • October 14th: Chance! Single V
  • October 14th: Shouri no BIG WAVE!!! – Niigaki Risa & Other(s)

I’ll post more information as it arrives.