More New Releases

Some more new releases to announce!

2007-10-24: Chocolove from AKB48 – TBA Single (3rd Single)
2007-10-31: AKB48 Yuuhi wo miteiru ka (8th Single)
2007-10-17: C-ute – Tokaikko Junjou (Don’t stop Junjou) (3rd Major Single)
2007-10-24: Abe Natsumi – TBA Single (10th Single)
2007-11-14: Goto Maki – TBA Single (18th Single)

That takes us almost to the end of the year though we’ll undoubtedly have some Christmas releases, I have a feeling Morning Musume may release one more single this year. I can’t believe AKB48 and Chocolove are releasing another single so soon, that group never stops.