Egao – Weekly Ranking

Well, Matsuura Aya’s latest single sales won’t be making her egao I’m sure. This is her lowest selling single to date falling under 10,000 copies sold. To put it in perspective;

  • She’s sold about 6000 more copies than Nakazawa Yuko’s last single.
  • About 2000 more copies than Melon Kinenbi’s last single. (This doesn’t say much).
  • She’s sold 17 more copies than Abe Natsumi’s last single. (17!!).
  • More than 8000 more copies than Maeda Yuki’s last single. (Again, this says nothing).


  •  She’s sold 2000 less copies than Goto Maki’s last single.
  • Around 17,000 less copies than Kusumi Koharu’s last single.

This is only for first week sales by the way, as it’s the only way I can compare at the moment. I think the fact that Matsuura Aya, who was once a pretty big star has sold less than 10,000 copies of her latest single in the first week speaks volumes.

She ranked at #16 this week, peaking at #8 in the daily charts.