Canaria Club’s 1st mini-album

TNX group Canaria Club are due to release their first mini-album a month today with the title ①かなりキャナァーリ(① Kanari Canaria). The mini-album includes the group’s first two singles and five new tracks, two which are sung by smaller groups and one which is a solo by Ogawa Mana.


  1. Pika Pika!
  2. Seishun Banzai!
  3. Dream on dreams – Niwa Mikiho, Ooura Ikuko, Sugiura Riho, Okada Reiko, Uchida Yuma, Hashiguchi Erina
  4. Dounika Shite!
  6. Doukyuusei ~Osae Kire nai Natsu no Koi! – Ogawa Mana
  7. FOREVER ~Anata ni Aitai~ – Takada Ayumi, Matsui Yurie

The album will be released on 2007-10-17 with catalog number GFCG-11303 and will be published by Good Factory Records.