THE Possible leave Hello! Pro Egg & become part of Tsunku’s “3rd Project”

THE Possible has graduated from Hello! Pro Egg and will no longer serve as back-up dancers at Hello! Project Concerts and indeed will presumably no longer appear at Hello! Project concerts anymore since they are no longer members of Hello! Project.

I think this is a double-edged sword, on the one hand I’m extremely glad that THE Possible are no longer simply “trainees” with Hello! Project as well as members of TNX as they have singing ability to match that of the two Hello! Project Kids groups in my opinion and their last single certainly proved that.

On the other hand, the group won’t get as much exposure if they (as I assume) no longer get to perform at Hello! Project concerts, it will be hard for them to manage to perform to such a large audience of their own talent, even if they are pretty good.

According to a promotional picture for their seventh single (which will be released on 2007-11-07) Tsunku is starting a new “project” which will be a collaboration between Tanabe Agency, Spacecraft, Up-Front Group & TNX. The project will be called NICE GIRL Project! though it’s not clear if this will be permanent or temporary.