Goto Maki to graduate from Hello! Project [Update 2]

2007 seems to be a pretty bad year for Hello! Project. It has been announced that Hello! Project soloist Goto Maki will graduate from Hello! Project, an exact date has not been given and it’s unknown if she will have a graduation ceremony. The given reason for her graduation is due to her brother’s recent scandal though I have to say that this reason seems a little too easy, it’s more likely Goto simply wants to leave Hello! Project. There have been rumors floating around that Goto is heading to Avex and aims to become a proper pop-star as opposed to a Hello! Project idol. Though these rumors are unfounded.

This explains the cancellation of Goto’s 18th single and her non-appearance at the Winter 2008 Hello! Project concert.

I’m rather shocked by Goto’s graduation so soon after her fourth album and slightly concerned that another good act has left Hello! Project.

[Update 1]

Hello! Online is reporting that on the final night of her tour Goto has told her fans she is graduating from Hello! Project. Various sources have also confirmed that she will continue singing though not with UFA, on another label.

[Update 2]

She’s staying with UFA, not H!P though.


PS: On my Idol profiles page I’ve moved Maki from the Elder Club to Ex-Hello! Project members and changed her color code to match, I also updated her picture with her presumably last publicity picture from Hello! Project. I also replaced the previous site banner which had contained Maki with a new Nakazawa design.