2008 Hello! Project Hopes / Predictions / Fears

Inspired by a thread at a certain forum I’ve decided to note down my hopes, predictions and fears for Hello! Project in 2008. I don’t generally do things like this, but given the year that 2007 has been, I feel I can make an exception this time. Note that there will probably be some mention of TNX in here too. After each hope etc., I will put in brackets a likelihood rating of 1 – 5.


  • Fujimoto Miki active in Hello! Project, (4)
  • Morning Musume sales go up, even if just a little, (3)
  • Matsuura Aya gets a non-ballad single, (3)
  • Ayaka actually does something of note, (1)
  • Country Musume auditions, (1)
  • Some more Hello! Pro Egg members graduate to full member status (2)
  • Ongaku Gatas continues to release material only if Satoda and Yoshizawa can find nothing better to do. (3)
  • JunJun and LinLin remain members of Morning Musume. (3)
  • Tokito Ami resumes her solo career, (3)
  • Gyaruru releases a 2nd single, (2)
  • THE Possible release a 2nd album, (4)
  • Canaria Club either release something I like or cease to exist, (2)
  • Melon Kinenbi release a good single, or at least a single, (3)
  • v-u-den drop the “Look at us! We’re sexy, buy our singles!” approach and become good again, (1)
  • Kira☆Pika release nothing else. Don’t need any more Kusumi Koharu thank you, (2)
  • Athena & Robikerottsu also release nothing else, Niigaki could do better than that, (0)
  • Abe Natsumi releases a single that makes everyone remember; she was the face of Morning Musume, (2)
  • Kusumi Koharu continues to sell well, only for the sake of Hello! Project, (3)
  • Maeda Yuki graduates from Hello! Project, she’s fantastically brilliant and too much so for Hello! Project, (3)
  • Nakazawa Yuko releases a new, not pathetic, uplifting single, (2)
  • Satoda Mai continues to get things to do, (3)
  • Takahashi Ai releases another solo song, not necessarily a single, (2)
  • Yaguchi Mari gets some music related work, (-1)
  • Yasuda Kei gets some music related work, (-2!)
  • Iida Kaori remains in the public-eye, in a good way (2)
  • Tsuji Nozomi resumes TV appearances, (1)
  • Ogawa Makoto returns! (2)
  • Goto Maki gets a new record label and releases a new single, promptly please, (2)


  • Morning Musume do not recover from their sales slump, (3)
  • Hello! Project is renamed “Kusumi Koharu! Project” (…)
  • Morning Musume graduation announced (3)
  • Fujimoto Miki does not resume her solo career or GAM but does return, in a Yaguchi-esque manner, (2)
  • GAM is gone for good, (3)
  • Auditions of some sort, (3)
  • Between 1 – 5 Hello! Pro Egg graduations (5),
  • Noto Arisa implodes trying to be super cute (…),
  • Ongaku Gatas have a hard time getting into the Oricon top 20, (4)
  • Likewise, v-u-den (4),


  • Fujimoto Miki graduation from Hello! Project, (3)
  • Morning Musume 9th Generation Auditions, it’s too soon, (3)
  • JunJun, LinLin are sent packing, (2),
  • Even more focus is given to the Hello! Project Kids, (4),
  • More anime tie-ins, please, please, no, just no, (4)
  • Country Musume has the same fate as Coconuts Musume, remembered by name only, and I suppose tacky unfortunate outfits in some cases, (4)
  • Hello! Project collapses (3),

Well, just some exhaustive listing really, it’s rather late so some of it is probably nonsense, why not discuss your own hopes and fears in the comments of this post?