More Notable Releases!

Some rather interesting new releases to report;



  • THE Possible Love Message! (8th Single)



  • Morning MusumeUntitled (36th Single) (Limited A with DVD) (Limited B with DVD)



  • C-ute3rd ~LOVE Escalation~ (3rd Album) (Limited with DVD)


Difficult to decide what I’m most excited about here, it’s between THE Possible’s 8th single and Morning Musume’s 36th single. I purchased C-ute’s debut album a while back and it was pretty decent but I wasn’t a fan of their second album. I liked Tokkaio Junjou but wasn’t too keen on their other major singles so I’ll have to wait for a preview of an album track before I decide what I think of 3rd ~LOVE Escalation~. It is titled a lot like Morning Musume’s 3rd album 3rd ~LOVE Paradise.

I find it a little strange that both Morning Musume’s Limited Edition CDs come with DVDs, couldn’t have they put all the content on one…? You may have noticed I’ve changed the format of the release schedule page, I hope this makes it easier to read.

Now if they just announce THE Possible’s 2nd album…