v-u-den to disband (Update 1)

They were pushed into the Elder Club just a short time ago and now it seems the end is nigh for v-u-den, it has been announced that v-u-den will be disbanding in June 2008. They have just over four months left as a group until the Hello! Project trio is no more. This perhaps explains why their 10th single was delayed, who knows if it will even be released now. They could be planning a “farewell” type single.

They’ve had a run of just over three years with 9 singles, an album and a best-of album. They haven’t had great sales in the grand scale of things but for a Hello! Project act they certainly don’t sell the least copies.

I imagine this is something to do with a new focus on the Wonderful Hearts; Morning Musume, C-ute & Berryz Koubou, after all these three have the best selling potential.

I’m slightly concerned for the safety of other Elder Club acts such as Matsuura Aya and the future of GAM isn’t looking too bright with this update.

Apparently Ishikawa Rika was very emotional giving the announcement at last night’s concert, her future in Hello! Project is now unclear but nowhere near as unclear as Okada Yui’s and Miyoshi Erika’s. I’d like to think all three will remain in Hello! Project but to be honest, I can’t see Okada or Miyoshi having much of a career left with Hello! Project.

When more news becomes available you can be sure to see it here.

[Update:] It seems all three will be remaining with Hello! Project though what the three of them will be doing is unclear, Ishikawa will most likely remain with Ongaku Gatas.